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Hi I am Nick! I love everything that revolves around technology. In my spare time I am actually always busy with technology as well. For example, I'm always tweaking my Homelab. Am I reading up on new technologies in the areas of cloud, hardware and IoT. I play and review games on b4men.nl. And I'm also mostly busy with music. So I play drums and occasionally play the guitar.

Hello! I am Nick Strijbos

  • Lead DevOps Engineer
  • FileMaker Developer
  • Webdesigner

So the about me is a little summary of what I do in my spare time on a daily basis. But professionally I am mainly busy with setting up cloud infrastructures through IaC (Infrastructure as Code). I do this mainly on the Microsoft Azure platform but this will also grow towards Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the future. In the past I created FileMaker solutions for medium-sized companies. So business process optimization is also still something I apply when I am setting up an infrastructure in the cloud or on-premise. I do this for the company Cloudiction based in Baarn since 2021.

All my current Certifications

These are my current certifications. And I'm always working on getting even more certifications to prove that I have the knowledge too. Something along the lines of; put one's money where one's mouth is. ;)

Microsoft certified Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

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